Sunday, May 3, 2015

Gems from Umar Suhrawardi's Awari-ful Marif - II

Photo credits: Rupa Abdi

Minimum eating : In reducing the clayey parts (tamas?) - the source of pollution, of darkness, of coarseness - scantiness of food is wholly effective.

Minimum talking: He should ever guard his tongue from talking with people, save of silence, not attainable is the path of safety.

The negation of thoughts: By zikr and by occupation of the heart in contemplation of the divine aspect, he should repel the crowd of thoughts.

Whenever the nafs (ego+mind?)sees the heart inclined to itself and finds its ears void of other sayings, immediately with the heart it cometh into speech and to it by way of remembrance confirms past matters of things spoken, heard, seen, tasted and touched; or gives future news of hope, and keeps engaged the ears of the heart with hearing its own speech rather than hearing the speech of the soul and of God (mindfulness/present moment awareness?).

The perpetuality of deeds: Outwordly and inwardly he should keep himslef arrayed in the garb of devotion. Every moment in a work that is at that time most important and best, he should be engaged. 

According to intention is the reward of deeds. As intention is better than the deed, more full is its reward.

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